Sweet Isa Catering Inc. was inspired by two extraordinary women. The first taught me how to execute the most extravagant party and the second whose dream was to open her own quality take out shop, taught me how to cook and the value of family time.

I can still remember her laughter the first time I attempted to make red sauce. To say the least, it did not come out anywhere as amazing as hers. I love what I do. To me it is a creative outlet and it truly frees my soul. I can stand for hours on end in the kitchen designing a menu or decorating an extravagant cake. I never thought that I would love to cook and bring my dreams to life as much as I do, but I do! Catering brings me joy.

To see someone take that first bite and observe their initial “no lie” response to what I have created is wonderful. I finally decided to give it a try outside of my home and open Sweet Isa Catering in 2007. Since then it has been a whirlwind of events. I hope that you too will “taste” the love and appreciation that I have for my ingredients and vision.



Isabel “Isa” Tancredi


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